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How to Fix...The Arizona Coyotes

The following video contains strong imagery that may be funny to some viewers. Viewer Discretion is advised.

In this new series, I will be taking a look at various teams around the NHL that have problems they need to address. I will offer my opinions on what those teams need to do to fix them through memes and insightful commentary. The "How to Fix..." series is not meant for only Rangers fans, but rather fans of the NHL. This first episode will cover the Arizona Coyotes, a team that is trying to become a more legit contender for the Stanley Cup. We hope to cover more teams in the future, both contenders and rebuilders. We want to hear your opinions, so if you'd like to make a comment or want to have a discussion you can leave a comment on our Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter pages, or you can comment on our new YouTube channel.


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